Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?
You can contact me via the 'Contact' page on this website. Alternatively, send an email to 

How can I find out about your wedding photography?
Click the 'weddings' tab on this website or go to 

When do I pay?
I require a full payment before any images are sent to you. Paying on or before the day is preferred, but I also accept payment after the session’s completion. I accept cash, transfer or cheque – but the cheque must clear before any images are sent. You will receive a receipt on the day if you pay in cash.

I require a 20% deposit to secure your booking. This amount is not refundable in the event of cancellation. Transferring your deposit to a different date is allowed if requested at least seven days before your shoot. I often decline other bookings after securing your time and date, so please be mindful if you are considering cancelling or rescheduling your booking!  

However, if the weather is torrential that day and it is simply not possible to go ahead– or you have been struck by an illness, allowances can be made, especially if the shoot is merely rebooked. I understand that things happen!

What equipment do you own?
I own the following: 2X Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 50mm 1.8, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro, Canon 580EX II speedlite, reflector (gold, white, silver), lighting equipment, an iMac with additional 27'' screen, all the latest photoshop and lightroom software and other additional accessories.

Where will the location be for our photo shoot?
Now where should the session take place? I have knowledge and access to numerous beautiful locations throughout Melbourne. These include woods, fields, parks, bushland, cityscapes and beaches. Alternatively, the session can take place at your home. This is a great option for pregnancy and baby shoots as it gives a homely feel and allows your baby to be comfortable in their surroundings. However, this option is suggested only for homes that have natural light available!

If you want a combination of locations, that is also possible. But any travel beyond thirty minutes one way from Ringwood East will incur additional travel costs. Please email me if you feel this may apply to you. If you cannot decide on a type of location – let me help! Send photos of yourself/your family, and I will have a look and help to decide what setting will suit you.

We can also do a studio shoot, if desired! But as I currently do not own my own studio, additional fees with booking a studio for your session will be your responsiblity. :) 

On the Day

What do I wear?
This is ultimately something that is decided dependant on the vibe of the shoot. If it is a family portrait session, wear colours that compliment each other, but do not all look the same (this is what leads to awkward 90’s family portraits!)

For actor’s headshots, bring plain tops that aren’t going to draw attention away from your face. Also bring a couple changes of clothing to allow the audience to see you in different ‘looks’.

For all other shoots, bring an assortment of clothing. If you’re struggling, or not 100% sure, ask me! Neutral (white, black, grey, beige) or primary colours (blue, red) often look the most captivating.

Avoid fluorescent colours, as it often reflects on the face, creating an ugly haze on your skin. It can also draw all the attention, when it is meant to be on you! Avoid branded tops with large logos, or crazy prints that draw attention (think Ed Hardy). Unless it is a statement you want to make – it will detract from theimage.

If you are not sure, again, ask me. I am always happy to give advice and help you plan your look.

Fake Tan
The rule for fake tan and photo shoots is either have it minimal and natural looking or don’t have it at all. Streaks you can get from fake tan, and orange hands and feet are an absolute nightmare to fix in Photoshop and can seriously damage your end result. As a pale girl, I understand the desire for a natural bronze colour– but tread lightly and don’t overdo it!

Hair and Makeup

Similar to clothing, this can be discussed with me depending on the overall look of your session. If you want to have your hair and makeup done professionally, I can assist you in choosing an artist to help with the shoot – as I have many beautiful, talented individuals I regularly work with. But naturally, this will incur the makeup artist’s fee.
If you are doing your own makeup, brown tones always work well! So does minimal mascara and soft blush. With hair, avoid teasing unless you are after a fully permed/boofy look. Teasing in otherwise smooth hairstyles creates ‘fly-aways’ that don’t look very good in photos!

What do I bring?
If you want to bring props to your shoot, you are more than welcome to. Props like umbrellas on wet days, or flowers always look beautiful. If you want a pet in your photos – that can also be arranged!

Oh no! It’s raining/hailing– what do we do?
So it has reached your day and the weather has taken a turn and is bucketing down, saturating anything in its path. As a rule, I have a policy that if you want to go ahead – I will too! But if it just won’t work, we can arrange a different date for the shoot. Provided that another date is booked, you will not lose your deposit.

Keep in mind a little bit of drizzle with overcast skies can look lovely in a shoot!

What if Caitlin cancels?
I will only cancel shoots in extreme unforeseeable circumstances. I won’t let a cold stop me! But if I physically cannot get out of bed, or a tragedy has occurred –you have a choice of having your deposit refunded or booking another date. I will try to give you as much notice as possible if this is the case, so you canmake appropriate arrangements.

It is the day of the shoot and I have decided I need a longer session, what do I do?
I try to be as flexible as possible with my time, and I often allocate timebetween sessions to allow for overtime if required. If you feel you may needlonger than originally thought, let me know as soon as possible and I will try to assist you. Sometimes the day is so busy I will be unable to – but most of the time you will be in luck! An extra thirty minutes added to your session is $40.00 AUD and anywhere from an extra thirty minutes to an hour is $80.00 AUD.

But I don’t know how to pose? I’m going to look awkward!
Posing seems incredibly daunting, I know, but you will manage! I have worked with many beginners, and have been in front of the camera numerous times myself – so Iknow what it’s like!

I will help you out on the day by telling you how to pose to show off your best features. It is something that will feel odd at first, but as the session continues, you will feel more and more comfortable. If you feel comfortable, do not be scared to play around with your posing! If your pose looks silly, it won’t be used! If you’re a family, or couple, interact with each other. Laugh, hug and kiss! If you’re having fun, it will show in the photos! Genuine smiles are the most beautiful.

I won’t be there to make you feel pressured or awkward. I am there to help! Sometimes I may ask you (if the shoot calls for it) to try a pose, or action for the camera. It is important to trust, and to give it a go. Again, if it fails – that’s okay! But if might be the stand out shot of the day.

After the Shoot

How do I select edits? Can I view the unedited images?
All the best images from your shoot will be sent to you on contact sheets for selection. This means you can seethe results from your session and decide which images you would like edited, or if there are any additional images you want edited!

Why are contact sheets watermarked? 

I watermark contact sheets with a very light transparent text. This had to bed one as some clients were snapshotting the unedited images and posting them online. A strict no-no! 

Deciding edited images 

You have flexibility when deciding your images. You can either allow me to choose which images I edit or choose which ones you like yourself. Alternatively, we can do half/half. Either way, you will receive the images on contact sheets, so you can see the results from the shoot and decide if you want any more edited!

What can I use the images for?

The finished images can be used for personal use only, unless otherwise agreed upon. This means you can post on social media (instagram, tumblr, facebook, twitter etc…) for yourself (not a company) and can print the images to your hearts desire.

How do I receive the images? 

The finished images will be sent to you digitally in two sizes. The files with ‘sm’ at the end are the smaller files, used for posting online – the larger files are used for printing.

I usually use dropbox to send the images.  

What are ‘edits’ and do they really make a difference?
Yes they do make a difference! Editing an image involves many different processes. Every image is different, and editing an image can take me anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple hours. During the process, I alter colours and tones, remove blemishes, add highlights and shadows, fix hair, backgrounds, and any undesirable, distracting background features (if possible.)
I have been using Photoshop for longer than I have been a photographer, and I pride myself on creating a beautiful finished product.

If you request extensive editing such as replacing backgrounds, removing large objects or anything that requires far more work than usual, an additional fee may be required.

Can I have all the unedited photos in high-resolution?
In short, no. This is because an unedited image is simply not a finished product. It’s like asking for a half finished painting, or to have your hair half cut. In the end I am representing my work and every piece of work represents me.

Can I edit the images myself?
Again, no– for similar reasons to the previous question! If you have any additional requirements from my editing let me know and we will make arrangements.

How long will it take to receive the images?
Typically it should be no longer than two weeks for you to receive your edited images after selection. However, if you are getting a number of additional edits, it may take longer!

If I haven’t answered your questions, please let me know!
I look forward to working with you!

Caitlin x 

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